made in Italy

Base "Farfalla" iron 18 mm

Standard measures: d.70-70x70 cm (other measures on request)

Article description

Sturdy, it also lends itself to very heavy floor loads. The Base is made up of 18 mm solid square iron feet welded to butterfly wings; this allows people to come in with the legs under the table solving the problem of discomfort due to impact on the elements. In each foot there is a hot-forged forging that gives the base an artistic prestige in addition to its refined design. To complete there is no shortage of forged studs and feet on the ground with replaceable anti-scratch rubber tips. Artisan Product - Made in Italy.

Standard color

Micaceous Gray (other color codes on request)

Prices and treatments

Partially stackable you can choose it with the following treatments:

• VP \ micaceous gray epoxy powder coating (recommended for interiors) € 350,00;
• ZE+VP \ electrolytic zinc plating + micaceous gray epoxy powder coating (for outdoor spaces) € 400,00;
• ZC+VP \ Hot-dip galvanizing in tub + epoxy powder coating (for outdoor spaces with 20-year warranty against perforation rust) € 450,00.

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