Ferroni, masters for over 70 years.

The FERRONI company was founded by the will of Mr. Adelco Ferroni who in 1945, due to a precarious family situation, attended the various workshops of the Ramai Masters located in his hometown, Mosciano Sant'Angelo (Te).

In these workshops Adelco learns a trade that over the years has relegated him to a point of reference in the field of artistic metalworking throughout Italy and beyond..

The company, which for several years has moved to Martinsicuro (Te), is managed by his son Cristiano Ferroni who, with deep experience, creates objects of the highest quality and design for the furnishing of apartments, villas, restaurants, churches, gardens. public and private, etc.

The quality of the materials used, the attention to detail, the originality of the products allow us to satisfy the most particular requests. In addition, Ferroni 1945 offers a large assortment of strictly handcrafted articles, art objects from all over the world.

Mission and philosophy.

Doing your job in the best possible way is an arduous and fundamental task, including as many "PROS" as "CONS" for the constant achievement of set objectives.

Knowing that I have taken over a family business, known and esteemed throughout the country, is for me a sense of pride and responsibility, especially towards my father who over the years has dispensed love, passion and unique dedication to his work. I am also proud because all customers place their full trust in us, as they are sure to remain fully satisfied with our work.

Cristiano Ferroni

The lowest offer (John Ruskin, 1819 – 1900)

"It is unwise to pay too much, but it is even worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose some money, that's right, but that's all. But when you pay too little, you risk losing everything because what you bought is unable to do the job you bought it for."

"The common law of business denies the possibility of paying little and getting a lot: this cannot happen. If you are dealing with the cheapest bidder, it is good that you have a certain reserve to cover yourself from the risk you run. But if you can do that, you will certainly have enough money to buy something better." (John Ruskin)

Even in 1800, the price identified the quality of the object or service. The choice of how much to spend depends only on you, the important thing is to understand that there are differences.