Tin soldering

We use this type of welding mostly in the restoration of ornamental objects in copper and brass or during the construction of an article that has no details mechanical stress (in the photo the welding of a handle of a brass amphora).

Oxyacetylene welding

This type of welding, obtained through the use of two gases mixed together (oxygen + acetylene) and a filler material containing a percentage of silver, is used in the restoration of ancient objects and in construction of new items. More expensive than the tin one, it guarantees an excellent union of two pieces even in the most difficult conditions. Especially welding suitable where the supports are destined, in addition to an ornamental use, also to mechanical stresses (in the photo the welding of a brass well for thermometer housing on the lid of a copper pressure cooker)

Continuous wire welding

We use this type of welding in most of our iron furnishings regardless of whether they have an empty or full section. Excellent quality welding, it leaves no slag and lends itself without additional processing to be galvanized or painted.

Tinning cookware for food use

All copper pots need, based on their use, of be re-tinned. Tin plating is a very working process delicate that must be carried out carefully in the 3 fundamental phases:
- Preparation of the substrate to be tin-plated;
- Tin plating exclusively with 100% virgin tin;
- Cleaning and sanitation after tinning.

Restoration of art objects in copper - brass - wrought iron

Restoration is one of the processes that has always accompanied and distinguished our small company. Our task is to bring all your metal objects left and forgotten in the attics to their original splendor (in many cases even more beautiful than they were initially, thanks to our processing techniques). Bringing back to life everyday objects that you or your loved ones have grown up with is the best way to remember our past. Our processing techniques and above all our experience allow us to satisfy countless types of customers.

Forging workshop

Our forging workshop is the place where all your requests are take shape. Together with the Passion ... Forge, Mallet, Anvil and Hammer are the tools we use for the creation of your "Unique Pieces". In addition to our standard production of objects of recognized quality, we carry out, after careful evaluation, customized and styled furniture designs according to your needs.

Hot dip galvanizing

All our hot-dip galvanized items are not made in traditional zinc mills, but in a new finishing production plant that is among the most advanced in Italy. A sustainable, low environmental impact, safe and fully automatic plant that enhances the safety of man and the environment in addition to the quality of the workmanship.

Electrolytic galvanizing

Electrolytic galvanizing consists in depositing a layer of zinc on the surface of the stressed piece by passing electric current. Unlike the "hot" one, the treated surface remains smooth but does not manage to cover all areas of the piece, ie areas with correct coverage may remain, especially in empty profiles or where there are overlaps. We always recommend choosing the "hot" one, however this type is used only in cases where there are very fine sheet metal processing.

Powder coating

Unless otherwise agreed, all our iron articles are powder coated epoxy, therefore of higher quality than traditional liquid paints and, above all, from an ecological and working environment point of view it eliminates the solvent problem. The colors can be obtained with all shades of color and in addition, in the international RAL range, metallic colors can be created.

Trade of stone - marble - cast iron products

To try to give our customers an ever wider availability of products, we make use of the collaboration of some artisan companies that help us to complete our items. Below you will find a list of products that we ourselves find and select for you by choosing them among those of truly recognized quality:
Cast iron castings: bases for tables, grills and fireplaces, fountains and pachine for outdoors;
Brass castings: indoor and outdoor lighting, taps and furnishing accessories;
Aluminum castings: Outdoor lighting and furnishing accessories;
Marble and Stone: Sinks, Columns, Fountains, Fireplaces, Table tops in inlaid lava stone and travertine, basins and drinking troughs.

Production of tops for tables in natural stone mosaic on fiberglass support with two-component stain-resistant grouting for food (we are unique in Italy)